Company Profile

Established in 1992, Muliaglass Container has become the leading manufacturer in Indonesia for glass containers and architectural glass blocks.

The manufacturing consist of two main products, glass containers (including bottles, jars, and mugs) and architectural glass blocks. Muliaglass Containers Division can produce up to 185,000 tons per year of glass containers and 78,000 tons per year of glass blocks.

The Container Division ( MGC) produces flint ( transparent clear ) glass packaging for food and beverage products, and beer mugs. Amber and green glass is also produced for beer, energy drinks, and pharmaceuticals.

Given the nature of the bussiness, our products are predominantly sold in the domestic market and we are proud to be the major suppliers to the well-known domestic food and beverage producers including PT Heinz-ABC Indonesia, PT Sinar Sosro (bottle tea producer), PT indofood, PT LassaleFood Indonesia (marjan syrup), PT Tirta Investama (aqua-danone).

Despite our strong position in the domestic market, we are also expanding our capabilities to the export markets including Australia (AMCOR Glass and Capi ), Philippines ( RC Cola, COCA COLA Bottlers, Marigold), Thailand (Bangkok Glass Industry, Thainamthip/ Coca cola Bottler), Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and new zealand.

In order to coop technological developments, MGC cooperates with NYG ( Nihon Yamamura Glass, and to assured quality control of products based on QMS - ISO 9001 : 2008 and EMS - ISO 14001 : 2004, certified by SGS, this means to control all activities and functions that affect quality in all steps of operation - design , production and service.

Vision : To become the most preferred and reliable supplier in Asia Pacific for Glass Containers and Glass Blocks.

Mission : to be the low cost producer in the asia pacific region by :

  1. Achieving high production efficiency
  2. Implementing a cost effectiveness program ;
  3. Continuously improving customers satisfaction through quality & service enhancement ;
  4. Continuously improving operation capability to suit the market requirement.

Office & Factory :

Kawasan Mulia Industry
Jl. Raya Tegal Gede No. 1 Lemah Abang
Cikarang-Bekasi 17550

Phone: 021.893-5710
Fax: 021.893-57 11 / 24